Not sitting in the cockpit anymore..

Some people asked me to write in English as well, so from now I try to give the English version with the Hungarian one. It will be always at the end of the post. 🙂 Now you can see my photos in the previous post which is the same just in Hungarian.

My first operational flights

Firstly, I need to tell you that they are playing with my roster all the time! We have an information line called Evita, and she (because she is a she, anyway it is a machine voice 😀 ) gives us the most updated details about our rosters. It is really advisable to call her every evening after 6 pm, specially when you are junior as me. So whenever I called her in the first week she said I had a change.. 😀

My first operational flight meant to be Bahrein, but it was changed to Pakistan, Peshawar which is better actually because more flying hours – more money. 😀 I was really excited it was my first night flight, so I tried to sleep so badly in the previous afternoon, I spent 4 hours in my bed with closed eyes in my dark bedroom but no success… We took off at 3 am. Luckily I didn’t feel it until the way back so it was ok. To be honest I was totally lost in the aircraft, mostly at the part of take off and landing because I was in the cockpit with pilots before on the 2 first flights. (You are allowed to be there in your first 2 flights ❤ ) So that time I was a serious cabin crew (out of the cockpit), I got even a door which meant I was responsable for its pre flight checks and for checking the equipments and doing the security search in my area… I wasn’t even sure about my area XD But I had a very nice crew, they helped me a lot!! ❤ The service part was good and easy, we had a lot of passengers but they were nice, so no problem.

I arrived home at noon, fell in bed immediately and slept upto midnight. It was really strange to be awake when everyone else was sleeping. 😀 Apart from my Dad! He called me on skype, so he was the first who got the information about my new experiences. 😀 During the next day I was sleeping because I had my next flight in that evening to Pakistan again but this time to Karachi.

This one was a little bit stressful for me… I had a terrible headache in the afternoon, I took 2 pills and usually they are working but this time no. When my flatmate arrived she gave me a painkiller which is a kind of powder and you need to put it in water. I asked her before take it ’it is fine for drug test?’ As we have random test. She told me ’yes, of course, and don’t worry I haven’t had even one test during 2 years!’ Ok! 😀 I went to the headquarter, rested, no more headache. And when I wanted to check in, the computer told me that I was selected for random drug test, I got a small heartattack, seriously! 😀 I was so nervous that I barely could tell my phone number to the guy who was registering the people. Then I had an alcohol test and drug test as well, but everything was fine. After this I ran to the briefing room and it just turned out that we would fly a Boeing instead of Airbus because they changed it. I had prepared for an Airbus. Of course, we need to know both of them in the same time, but I was confident with Airbus as I revised everthing about it, (I’m sure when I will read this post again after a few months I will laugh because I will be confident about everything. Well, I hope that. 😀 ) During the briefing I got a door again, good choice is the number 3 for beginners becuase you have only a smaller area to check. Yes.. I got number 3 on the left hand side, as we were with a minimum crew number, the door number 3 owner had to check the mid galley as well. So I freaked out. 😀 It was so hard to remove every container and check behind because some of them was really heavy with water or juice inside. If I did that way how they said at training college… If some containers are heavy, remove a drawer from it… I would be still there doing the checks!! 😀 All the colleagues were asking me I needed help but I replied I was the responable I did it, just give me some more minutes! 🙂 But after this I realized I really need to go to gym and work on my arms. XD

The service was pretty easy with 110 passengers to go there and come back as well. It seemed as we had only like 20 pass max as this B777 is so big! 😀

During our probation (4 more months) it is mandatory to do a portfolio. We got a plan with tasks month by month like we need to collect peer to peer feedbacks and feedbacks from senior as well, we need to apply for ’webinar’ which is an online course and so on. I had a really nice cabin superviser (who is the ’little boss’, Purser is the big boss on Emirates flights) and I asked feedback from her, and she was so nice! So overall I’m satisfied with this flight dispite of the lot of new things and being confused at the beginning. 😀


These are the days when I’m free, nothing to do! Of course I need to call my best friend, Evita to check my roster changes! 😀 Just after wake up I went to the mall to buy a new red lipstick because I finished the previous one after one months…. 😀 During the training college I needed to wear it all day every day. Then I found really cheap stockings which is very surprising as everything is more expensive here than in Hungary. Apart from the cigarettes! I came here with 4 boxes of Hungarian cigarettes and I thought I would stop it as it must have been really expensive, but guess what?! It is only 10 dhs! 😀 After arriving home I cleaned my all apartmant, it was so necessary by now as I didn’t have energy to remove one piece of dust even since I started to fly … 😀

The day after we went to Conrad Hotel with the Hungarian group, 4 of us. There are lots of Hungarian new joiners all the time. 🙂 So we have this FACE card which is given to every cabin crew and we have a lot of discount all around the world. We can entry in the swimming pool and gym of some fancy hotels in Dubai, so it was so relaxing to chat with girls about the big things as the girls do, you know. 😀

When we started to feel bored we went to a very special space called Global Village which is the world’s largest tourism, leisure and entertainment project. It is the region’s first cultural, entertainment, family and shopping destination on 1,600,000 m2. (wikipedia 😀 ) It was begun at 1996 so now it has the 20th birthday, you’ll find big cultural parties every night there.

So when you walk in you’ll meet all of the famous building (smaller version) in the world as Burj Khalifa, Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, Statue of Liberty, Colosseum so on. If you go into the buildings you’ll see markets, foods everything to drink, eat and shop. 😀 I started with a ’Sushi crepe’. There is no fish inside but nutella and almond yes. 😀 Then we found a Hungarian pavilon as well, we tried the Hungarian Lángos, but it wasn’t that.. not even similar, of course. 😀

If you continue inside the Global village you’ll find the Dubai vurstli. 😀 There is a huge fun park with lots of games. Someday I go back (after payment day 😀 ) and I try them. I went into a ghost house (or what is that in English) with Fanni. It was so much fun! We hold each others and screamed when somebody jumped in front of us with a scary mask 😀

So it was such a great day, thank you girls! ❤


See you soon,


ps: My first officer was a woman on the last flight 😀

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