My first island, Mahé, Seychelles

My next adventure took me to Seychelles (finally I learnt how to spell.. 🙈 ). I started a little research about this destination as I didn’t even know where it is in the Indian Ocean. Of course you can hear about it as all the honeymooners are going there but I’m too far from weddings so I didn’t have any idea about it. So it is close to Eastern Africa, it contains 115 islands (or others say 155). We landed into Mahé island (around 6:30 am) where even the approach to the runway was amazing!


After arriving into the resort, I drunk a horrible instant coffee, but it helped me to stay awake. I couldn’t go to sleep as this layover is only 14 hours, but at least we have it, because the flight is short (4 hours), so it could be a terrible long turnaround, too, so I appreciate this one so much.

So firstly I headed to the north beach of the resort where you can try some sport activities but I was too lazy, maybe next time. I walked around and took hundreds of photos with my new GoPro camera. 😍

A lovely swing
Me on the lovely swing
A little fish look into the camera
Just beautiful
Other swing 😀

There was a guy at the beach who was selling coconut, I asked him how much, he said 75 local money, ‘ok, give me one’. When he came back with my coconut he asked 175…. I was pretty sure he said 75… but ok, I’m in Seychelles once, so gimme your coconut. I gave him 500 he was more than happy to change so he left for a shop. I was waiting about 20 min and nothing happened… I found a similar guy and asked him where his friend was, a police officer heard my story, so he said, ‘don’t worry, if he doesn’t come back I’m gonna report him.’

I was taking some extra expensive photos about my extra expensive coconut 😀

I saw the policeman to phone to someone, after a couple of minutes he asked me to go there, and my guy was there with my money… I think he may have thought I wasn’t interested in my change, and I could leave without it… he was wrong. So be careful, but the police officer was cool! Thanks again. 😘

My first GoPro time-lapse video, thanks for the tips how to do it 😍

After those adventures I crossed the island and I went to the south beach where the ocean is pretty shallow so I could walk 500 meters into the water.

I thought it was a good idea to take photos from the water, it wasn’t…
The clear water

I went to visit the lazy residents of the resort, the giant tortoises. They were really boring, just sleeping all day, so I got the sleepy mood as well.


After a quick nap in my hotel room, I climb to an helipad just because of the view, which was amazing, of course! 🙂


This was the end of the 14 hours layover. I hope I can come back once and spend couple of days in this Paradise.

Thanks for reading.

See you later,


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